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Our arrows and arrow shafts can be purchased as bare shafts or assembled with the  vanes or feathers of your choice. Our prices for assembled arrows with vanes or feathers include all the things that others charge extra such as cutting to length and installing inserts. All shafts/arrows are sold by the dozen and are a terrific value...  Let us assemble some arrows for you
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Here is one of my personal favorites.... The Gold Tip Traditional Hunter is a new generation arrow for us who love traditional archery. I personally love shooting a recurve and longbow for their simplicity. These are the first arrows that I have found that flew like darts from both my recurve and longbow. I know that some strict traditionalists will think I should shoot wood arrows but I could not help myself. I love these arrows for their traditional looks and the arrow flight and durability are awesome. Click on the picture for more details.