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Crossbows at Addicted To Archery
We carry crossbows and accessories from all the top manufacturers - Barnett Crossbows, Excalibur Crossbows, Horton Crossbows, Parker Crossbows, PSE Crossbows, Tenpoint Crossbows and Stryker Crossbows. All of our products are new. We never sell refurbished equipment.  When choosing a crossbow; please keep in mind that there is a difference between them that is similar to the the the difference between a Geo Tracker, a Jeep and a Hummer. While all these vehicles will get you down the road, there is a difference in quality. I recommend that you consider a crossbow purchase to be an investment that will last for years. You should purchase as high of quality of a crossbow as your budget will allow. When comparing prices please consider that we offer free shipping on all orders over $350.00.
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Okay, I must admit that I am torn here between an Excalibur Exomax crossbow and a TenPoint Pro Elite crossbow. Both of these crossbows are the top of the line from two of the best crossbow companies that exist. The difference between these two companies lines of bows are similar to the difference between a Compound or Recurve bow. One uses limbs with cams like a compound and the other uses limbs like a recurve. You will not go wrong with either choice but since I shoot a recurve, I will link this one to the Excalibur. Click on the picture for more details.
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Excalibur Crossbows Link Excalibur Crossbows
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Find all the accessories you need for your crossbow such as rope cocking devices, scopes and more..
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 We carry both carbon and aluminum crossbow bolts. Don't get caught in the woods without having enough of them.
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You will need to protect your new crossbow because it is an investment. Several different styles to choose from...