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Gold Tip Xt Hunter Arrows With Vanes

The award winning XT Hunter Series arrows continue to set the standard for straightness, consistency and durability. Each dozen XT Hunter Series arrows are now laser inspected for straightness and then hand sorted for a guaranteed weigh tolerance of +/- 2 grains per dozen. XT Hunter arrows feature a straightness tolerance of +/-.003”, come standard with new GT Series nocks and inserts and are available in Black or Advantage Timber finishes.

Specifications -
Alloy/Material - Carbon
Nock Type - GT Series Nock
Color/Pattern - Available in Non Glare Black Finish or APG HD
Straightness - +/- 003"
Sizes -
35/55 7.2 grains per inch
55/75 8.2 grains per inch
75/95 8.9 grains per inch

We strive to offer the greatest degree of customization so we can deliver to you a fully assembled customized arrow at an affordable price. All of our arrows and shafts are sold by the dozen.

We recommend using right offset as the fletching option for vanes unless you have specific needs for something different. Right offset is what is used approximately 90% of the time with vanes. Please see our "Archery Tips" for more details

When comparing to others, please note that these arrows are cut to your specified length with inserts installed. Some vendors do not offer these options while others charge an additional $6.00 or more.

Please make a selection in all eight specifications listed. Also, please note that if you do not desire to add the optional arrow wraps or field points you must select "No .…". This is because of a limit in the software that runs this site.


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